Professional Photographer | Beautiful, One of a Kind Portraits | Lubbock, TX

As a professional portrait photographer in Lubbock, Texas, I get to work with a lot of wonderful people. Getting to know you and discover your personality is one of my favorite aspects of being a photographer. Everyone looks happier and more genuine in pictures when they are relaxed, so I make it easy to be yourself by keeping things easygoing and fun.

Whether you are looking for senior photography, family portraits, baby photography, or children’s portraits, come on over to my studio and you are sure to create beautiful photos that are exactly what you had in mind.

I shoot my portrait photography in Lubbock and the gorgeous surrounding Hill Country. For a more urban feel, we can even head over to San Antonio for a photo session. I also offer an array of photography products, such as stunning gallery wraps, pristine prints, and image discs, so you can enjoy your portraits for years to come.

Senior Portraits | Amazing, Unique Senior Pictures

My specialty is senior portraits because I absolutely love the imagination, style, and self-expression that are a part of senior photography. I work hard to make sure that each high school senior receives portraits that express perfectly their individual personalities and highlight their talents, passions, and dreams.

One of the things I have learned over the years too is that one of the best ways to get great photos is to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed while having your picture taken. Everyone becomes self-conscious with a camera pointed at them. That is why I like to keep things laid-back, easygoing, and laugh out loud fun. I want you to shine and be yourself boldly and confidently so the senior pictures I take are perfect reflections of your amazing personality.

Children and Family Photography | Great Outdoor Family Portraits

The spectacular blend of urban and country settings around Lubbock, Texas, are perfect for outdoor photography, especially outdoor family portraits. Instead of striking a stiff, awkward pose in front of a boring background, why don’t we head out into the wide open air and beautiful countryside, or the vibrant West Texas?

To me, family photography is about more than just posing pretty pictures. It’s about expressing relationships, capturing something special and unique and wonderful. That is what makes a family portrait worth framing and hanging on the wall or saving forever in an album.

Newborn Photography | Breathtaking Baby Photos

Soft, beautiful newborn photos… Is anything more special? In my studio, I capture all the joy, excitement, delicateness, and love of a new baby. When a new child comes into your life, there is nothing more important than immortalizing the precious time in photos. Your baby will grow every day! Make sure you have something to remember this amazing time of their life by.

Couples Photography | Fun, Romantic Couples Portraits

Every couple has a story to tell. Listening to your story, getting to know your personalities, then finding a way to tell that story through wonderful, romantic couples portraits is one of the many things that makes being a professional portrait photographer so rewarding.

Colorful, quirky, classy, romantic, fun, blissful… However you would choose to describe your relationship, we’ll find a way to capture that in your pictures. Both my studio and the spectacular landscapes around Lubbock are perfect settings for couples photos.