Senior Pictures | Professional High School Senior Photography | Lubbock, Texas

It’s a new and thrilling time for you – graduating from high school, stepping bravely into the next stage of life. Are you feeling confident? Hopeful? Thoughtful? Bold?

The reason I love taking senior portraits is because I get to hear your story, hear about all you’ve achieved and what you’re planning on doing next. Then I get to help you find ways to express that in your own special, imaginative senior pictures. High school class pictures are so much more than just a photo to send to the grandparents. They are a milestone in your life, and an important one that you want to be able to look back on with pride.

So let’s work together to create professional portraits that capture every aspect of your personality, every emotion you’re feeling at this high point in your life, and all the dreams that define you. Bring things that are special to you and we will use them as props. Dress up however you want. Whatever your style is – fun, quirky, casual, classy, dramatic – that is the style I will use in your senior portraits.

Senior Pictures Can Be Fun | Self-Expression and Creativity

It can be hard to relax when there is a camera pointed at you. I get that and as a photographer, I feel that it is my job not just to take the pictures, but to make it such a fun and laid-back, easy-going experience that you feel totally free and confident to be yourself. You don’t have to feel self-conscious or nervous at all. When you step into the studio or when we head out into the beautiful landscape of Lubbock TX, it is all about you: your fashion, your style, your thoughts, your dreams, your personality.

Lubbock, TX | Unique Senior Photography

I like to choose locations that are memorable and beautiful. And when you live in the Lubbock Area, there sure are a lot of amazing places to choose from. Whether your style is urban or rustic, I will find the perfect location for your senior portraits.

Lubbock Downtown offers a vivid and vibrant splash of metropolitan color and life. Buildings shining in the sunlight, crisp colors, and all the verve of an urban downtown are right there waiting to be explored. Or we can head out into the countryside for the breathtaking landscapes and wide-open skies of West Texas. It is entirely up to you.

There is nothing generic or boring about the senior portraits we create together. With your fantastic personality and my repertoire of ideas and locations, we are sure to find the perfect style for imaginative and unique senior pictures. That is my promise to all you high school seniors.