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Robin Perrin Photography

Specializing in family photography and senior portraits, Robin takes wonderful outdoor and studio shots. Laid back and fun, Robin makes it easy to be yourself in front of the camera. Learn more about Robin Perrin Photography below…

The Crew

Robin Perrin – Owner & Photographer

The Heart and Soul of the Studio

Robin, owner and photographer of Robin Perrin Photography, is the epitome of a people person. She loves being around people, especially when she is blessed with the opportunity to photograph them. Since 2009, Robin has been photographing families, and many have become wonderful friends. Some random tidbits about Robin are:

  • While a Texas girl at heart (born and raised), Robin loves to travel – but only needs to see a city once, and then she’s ready to explore the next!
  • Loves sports – her favorite is college football, but Major League Baseball is also important (Fenway Park is her favorite stadium!).
  • The importance of organization Robin’s life cannot be overstated, and she loves anything that will help keep her organized.

Celebrating Family First

Family is very important to Robin. She adores her husband of twelve years, and her younger sister, Doneece, and cousin Ann. Because she treasures her own loving and caring family, she also enjoys photographing the sweet gestures and precious moments exchanged between all other families. She’d love the chance to capture your family being themselves so that the resulting photos can be cherished for generations to come.

James Perrin – Business Manager

The Business Side of the Studio

James is the business manager for Robin Perrin Photography, as well as (if not more importantly!) married to Robin. James is also an attorney and entrepreneur with a broad business background. This well-rounded experience enables him to handles all business aspects for the studio, including business development, marketing strategies, and copyright and trademark issues. Some random tidbits about James are:

  • James is a little quiet, until you get to know him.
  • James played college basketball (still loves to play!) and coaches basketball in the spring and summer.
  • When James’ retires, he might just find a job as a high school basketball coach, so basketball is always in his life.

James’ Other Hats

While James handles the business side of things, he also wears other hats for Robin Perrin Photography, like making the amazing slideshows – he loves putting those together! Luckily, most of the hats that James wears are ones that Robin doesn’t like, so their partnership is pretty much perfect! Robin swears by the quality of James’ advice: he gives the best to anyone who will ask it, whether it is about life, relationships or business.

Doneece Pruss – Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales with a Smile

Doneece is responsible for marketing and sales at Robin Perrin Photography, as well as Robin’s sister. She assists in developing marketing plans and handling client sales sessions, all with a friendly personality and warm smile. Some random tidbits about Doneece are:

  • Like Robin and, she loves college football.
  • She’s known for having a talent for crafty things, and she’s one of the reasons why our studio looks so good.
  • She’s a perfect fit because she helps cultivate a friendly and laidback atmosphere for guests.

Everything in Order

Dance plays a huge part in her life: she began taking dance classes when she was 3 years old, and even has a degree in Dance. Like Robin, organization is very important to her, and she does a fantastic job keeping everyone in order around here! Doneece helps our clients feel right at home, and as such, she’s indispensible to Robin Perrin Photography.

The RPP Studio

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