They Are All Growing Up and Moving Away

We became really close with a group of seniors from Smithson Valley this year.  We met most of them through Young Life and spent the year getting to know them and growing to love them.  We spent lots of time with the kids over the summer and really enjoyed having them around.  We cooked lots of meals for everyone and loved every minute.  Last week all of that came to an end.  Everyone left last week for college.  We were use to having anywhere from one to ten at the house and last week it came to a halt.  It is amazing how quiet our house it and I don’t think either of us really likes it.  We both thank God for putting such special kids in our lives.  We have loved having them around and are going to miss them terribly!

Last week we had everyone over for one last family dinner.  Dinner was wonderful!  I cooked for 11 people which is the most I have ever cooked for.  Everything was great except the rolls which I burnt.  Oh well!  I took all the girls senior pictures so they all wore their Robin Perrin Photography t’shirts.  Everyone looked so cute!  It was sad when it was time for everyone to leave, there were a few tears.  We have plans to see all the kids very soon so I am counting the days!  I also can’t wait for the Christmas holidays and all of us to be back together under one roof!