The O’Rear Girls

I have known Alyssa for many years.  Her and Ann have been best friends forever.  I can remember riding around Lubbock with them when I was in elementary and they were in high school.  It was so cool.  It worked out that Alyssa and her family were going to be in Lubbock the same time that James and I were.  Alyssa had her third daughter a few weeks ago.  I had a fabulous time with the O’Rear girls.  I was shocked at how big Lauren and Camryn have gotten.  They were both so sweet.  Lauren and Camryn are so good with their little sister.  Addison is precious!  She was the perfect model and slept the entire photo shoot.  Of course Ann and Doneece volunteered to be my assistants during the photo shoot.  They were ready to hold and comfort Addison when she started to wake up.  They did a great job at keeping her asleep.  It was wonderful spending some time with the O’Rear family.


  1. So very cute!! Great pictures of some really sweet girls. So glad I got to be there to assist!!