Texas Tech Football

I love college football!  I really love Texas Tech football!  It has been an interesting season so far.  I have really tried not to get down about our team.  I think we have some wonderful players and some very good coaches.  I feel like it will just take a little while to get all the kinks worked out.  I know our players and coaches are working really hard to win as many games as possible.

James and I have been to three games so far and have only won one of those games.  I think we had the ability to win all of those games.  I was starting to get down on the Red Raiders, but then I read Baron Batch’s blog.  Not only is Baron a very talented running back, he is also a very talented writer.  You should be keeping up with him on his blog.  He helped me to remember that football is just a game and there are more important things in life.

These pictures are from the Tech vs OSU game last week.  It was pink out for breast cancer, but not all of my family participated.  We took our friends Tyler and Moses to Lubbock for the game with us.  We had a great time with friends and family.

These pictures are from the Tech vs Texas game.  Ann went with us as Doneece’s date.  We had so much fun at Raider Walk and tailgating.  Wish Ann would go to every game with us.


  1. Kelli McCammond says

    Great pics, Robin! Thanks for the info on Baron Batch’s blog…I’ll have to check it out!

  2. I wish Ann would go to every game with you too! 🙂

  3. Oh man! Makes me want to go to Lubbock for a game! Love the pink shirt! Thanks for the fyi about BB’s blog