Kaylee – Bulverde Senior Photograher

Meet Kaylee!  Kaylee’s senior pictures were an adventure.  We had wind, balloons and a duck.  It’s kind of an odd combination.  Kaylee wanted to use balloons for her pictures and they turned out so cute.  It did take some patience with the balloons because it was really windy that day.  But, thanks to the wind we got some really cute images.  There was lots of times where we had to wait a minute to get the balloons to settle down before we could take more pictures.  We also had a duck follow us a round for a majority of the session.   The duck was so darn cute and not to afraid of us.  Kaylee really wanted to take the duck home and I was all for it.  We decided to leave the duck there, but we got a few pictures of the Kaylee, the duck and the balloons first.  So cute!  Thanks Kaylee for a super fun session!



  1. Beautiful work as always! She will always remember what a great day she had – love the balloons and the duck – Not the wind!