Happy Birthday Doneece

Today is my little sister Doneeece’s birthday.  She is 24 today.  My how time flies when you are having fun.

I was in Kindergarten when Doneece was born.  Grandma picked me up from school that day and told me Mom and Dad were at the hospital.  I was so excited!  I went to dance that afternoon and then Grandma cooked dinner for everyone.  After dinner the whole family went to the hospital.  I remember Dad coming out and telling us it was a girl.  I was so excited to have a baby sister until I figured out what that meant.  She was always crying!  I got tired of her pretty quick.  The day we took Doneece home from the hospital I asked my parents if we could take her back to the hospital.

Now I think she is the greatest thing since sliced bread!  She is the best sister ever and I love her dearly!

I love a birthday list, so here ya go.  24 things I love about my little sister.

1.  She cracks me up.

2.  She sends me pictures of her outfits to approve.

3.  She loves to sing at the top of her lungs in the car with me.

4.  She will drive me around because I hate driving.

5.  Even though she hates basketball she will go to games to make me happy.  I give her a hard time and tell her she is adopted.  Everyone in our family loves going to basketball games.

6.  We wear the same size shoe so there is lots of trading.

7.  She comes and visits me whenever she is off of work.

8.  She still needs me to do her hair for dance recital.

9.  She helps me decorate my house for Christmas then helps me take down all the decorations.

10.  She forces me to go to Zumba with her when I am in Lubbock.

11.  She loves and treats James just like her brother.

12.  She is always there to listen to my problems or gripes.

13.  She loves God!

14.  She is the best dancer ever.

15.  She is always cold and I am always hot.  It is always an argument, but always entertaining.

16.  She is very smart.

17.  She does my makeup for me when I am in Lubbock.

18.  She is very caring.

19.  She buys me Tech t-shirts because she knows I like them.

20.  We talk everyday, sometimes multiple times.

21.  She is obsessed with movies and owns a ton.  She is always willing to let you borrow a few.

22.  She runs errands for me in Lubbock then mails me what I need.

23.  She is beautiful.

24.  She is my best friend.

Happy Birthday Doneece!  I hope you have a fabulous 24th birthday!


  1. Ohhh, I hate to drive too! My sister always drives! Happy Birthday to your sweet sister!

  2. Happy Birthday Doneece! I think you are a Rock Star too!! Great list.

  3. Great list! So many things on it makes me wish I had a sister. You think she would be willing to come and help me take down my Christmas, because I’m way behind? Happy B-day Doneece!