Christmas 2010 – a little late

We were in Lubbock for Christmas and it was wonderful!  We got to Lubbock on Wednesday before Christmas.  The kids had a half day at school on Wednesday so it worked out perfect.  By the time they got out of school we were there and ready to start celebrating.  We spent tons of time with family, especially the kids and it was fabulous.  John and Caroline know how to keep you entertained.  James and John could not get enough of each other.  They are so cute together.

Christmas Eve we went to church to hear Caroline sing and she did a great job.  John was not very interested in the Christmas Eve service, thank goodness for James and his iPad.  James and the iPad kept John entertained during the service.  John become interested when it was time to light the candle and he did a very good job with some assistance from James.  As always the service was amazing.  It is the same every year and every year I cry.  After church we went to Aunt Anita’s for dinner and presents.  The food was yummy and the kids had a great time opening presents.  I forgot my camera that night.  I didn’t worry about it too much because I knew Ann would take about 200 pictures that night.  Sure enough she did so you can visit her blog to see the pictures if you want.

Christmas day was the best.  We went over to Ann’s to see the kids get their gifts from Santa and open a few presents.  Those kids made out.  I seriously doubt they have played with everything they got.  I also forgot my camera Christmas morning, but Ann took plenty of pictures.  After Ann’s everyone came back to my parents house.  We opened more presents and ate breakfast.  We were all very blessed!  There was something missing from Christmas.  It wasn’t the same with Grandma not there.  We all went to visit her on Christmas and I so badly wanted to take her home and her become the Grandma from years ago.  Christmas will never be the same without her there.

Overall we had a wonderful Christmas.  There is nothing better then celebrating the birth of the Lord with family.


  1. I thought about you all alot this Christmas. I knew it would be hard for you! I’d like to say it gets better, but that would be a lie!! I think about you guys lots and hope your grandma is doing ok. Love to you all.

  2. It was a great Christmas. Looking forward to our next visit!! Love you!

  3. Great pictures! I especially love the one Mr. Phillips and John – too cute! Know it was hard without your Grandma – love you!