Spring Break 2011

I love Spring Break!  Every year I take a week off from photo sessions and enjoy time with my peeps.  This year was no different.  I took a week off from sessions and just did a little “office work” during the week.  I had lots of time for my sister, Doneece and her BFF, Haley.  Haley is basically part of the family and I consider her a sister.  Doneece and Haley arrived on Sunday and were here till Friday.  We had tons of fun together.  We did plenty of shopping and basically hit all the great malls in the area.  We also got plenty of sleep because we were very tired from the shopping.  The weather was great here all week and nothing like the usual “Spring Break” weather.  We went to a few baseball games to work on our tan.  Love me some baseball!

We also went to see “Never Say Never” in 3D.  James went along with us.  He is not afraid to admit that he is intrigued by the Justin Bieber story.  The movie was fabulous and we were basically the only ones in the theater, which was perfect for us singing along.

Of course we ate plenty of wonderful meals.  We like to eat.  Yummy!

We also had a little DIY (Do It Yourself) project.  I needed a new table runner for my kitchen table and some lamps for the kitchen.  I can never find any cute table runners so we made our own.  It turned out totally cute and I love it.  Made with love and the hot glue gun!  The lamps are perfect for the kitchen.  Thank you Hobby Lobby.

Spring Break was fabulous, but it had to come to an end.  I was so sad to see my sisters leave.  It is hard to be too sad because I will see them again next weekend when I am in Lubbock.  James can’t join me, but I didn’t want to miss the Tech Spring Game.  I will also be doing a few sessions while I am there.  Email me if you are interested in a photo session while I am in Lubbock.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Spring Break, that is if you actually get a Spring Break.

Where Do I Even Start?

February has come and gone and I have been sick.  Nothing but sick!  We came home from California to some very cold weather.  Home also welcomed the flu.  The flu took me down as soon as we got home from sunny California.  I knew I had the flu when I was so cold that it required five blankets to warm me up.  Never in my life!  The flu kept me confined to the house for five days.  During those five days it was really cold here, not up North cold, but Texas cold.  It was so cold that we actually had snow.  I loved seeing the snow cover our house and yard and I enjoyed James being home to take care of me.  On the fifth day of the flu I was still not feeling great, but the house was driving me crazy.  My wonderful husband took me to Whataburger and a movie on a random Tuesday night to get me out of the house.  I love random date nights with my husband.  We saw “No Strings Attached,” and it was fabulous.  I t was my second time seeing it and it was just as great the second time.

By the end of the week I was finally feeling better.  It only took about ten days.  The next week I started getting back in the swing of things like working out and actual work and Young Life.  By the middle of the week I had completely worn myself out.  It took me two days to get rested up again.  We ended the week with a wonderful weekend with lots of relaxation.  We spent all of Saturday at home watching basketball and Sunday we took a drive through the Hill Country.  Last Monday rolled around and it brought a sore throat.  I tried to ignore it and my sinus’, but it was not going away.  Of course I ended up at the doctor and was diagnosed with a sinus infection.

It is now March and I am finally starting to feel better.  I was so ready for February and all the illness to hit the road.  When March was quickly approaching I started remembering my February goals and thinking I hadn’t accomplished a thing.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I may have been sick the entire month, but I got a lot of things done.

February Goals:

1.  Workout regularly

2.  Shed a few pounds  (I lost a few pounds by just eating better and cutting some carbs)

3.  Eat healthier (I am eating better, but I am not going to mark it off my list because I need to continue eating better)

4.  Add new galleries to my website

5.  Spend time with my daily devotional and get back to Bible study (I made it back to Bible study last week)

6.  Find a few more high school kids for senior reps (Done and I love them)

7.  Create a high school senior website

8.  Set up a Facebook fan page (I now have a Fan Page, make sure you are a Fan of Robin Perrin Photography)

9.  Find a slide show program (I found one and I love it!)

10.  Design and order “Thank You Cards” and “Happy Birthday” cards (Done)

So I think I did pretty darn good for being sick!  Now for my March goals

March Goals:

1.  Workout regularly

2.  Shed a few pounds

3.  Eat healthier

4.  Add new galleries to my website

5.  Spend time with my daily devotional and continue going to Bible study

6.  Take off time during Spring Break to hang out with Doneece

7.  Create a high school senior website

8.  Design a senior album

9.  Order photo boxes

10.  Blog our LA trip

February Has Arrived!

I can’t believe February is here.  It looks like it has brought some cold weather.  I am so excited about the cold weather.  All these people keep saying they can’t wait for Summer and I am thinking ARE YOU CRAZY?  Do people remember that Summer brings 132 degrees with 100% humidity?  I will enjoy every bit of the cold weather and I hope I get to see a few snow flurries.

January was a crazy month!  I am starting to wonder if I ever say such and such month was really low key?  My mom had surgery in Lubbock in the middle of the month.  It worked out great for me because I got to go home for a few days and see everyone and take care of her.  The surgery went well and she has recovered very well.  She even minded pretty well which is short of a miracle considering she is apart of our family.

We have spent the last week of January traveling.  James had work in California so I of course tagged along.  Our first stop was Los Angeles then San Francisco.  We have never been to Los Angeles and had a fabulous time.  I could easily move to Los Angeles.  San Francisco was next and it was wonderful.  We visited San Francisco when we first got married and love it there.  I will have plenty of pictures to blog later in the week of our trip.

It is the first of February so it is time for my monthly goals.  My January goals are below.  I didn’t get that many things marked off my list, but I am working hard to accomplish my goals.  The trip to Lubbock and California put me a little behind, but it was totally worth it.

January Goals

1.  Get back in shape (I walked a million miles in San Francisco and was sore, not sure if that counts.)

2.  Shed a few pounds (I shed A pound, it’s a work in progress people!)

3.  Eat healthier (I was doing good then Lubbock and California happened.  I have decided fresh cooked spinach is my FAVORITE)

4.  Finish my year end bookkeeping (Barley made this goal.  I finished yesterday!)

5.  Get my email organized (Mobile Me is my favorite)

6.  Add new galleries to my website

7.  Spend time with my daily devotional (I have been reading my Bible study book, but haven’t made it to Bible study in THREE weeks.  I am so ready to be back to Bible study!!!)

8.  Find a few high school kids for senior reps (I found a few, but need a few more.)

February Goals

1.  Workout regularly

2.  Shed a few pounds

3.  Eat healthier

4.  Add new galleries to my website

5.  Spend time with my daily devotional and get back to Bible study

6.  Find a few more high school kids for senior reps

7.  Create a high school senior website

8.  Set up a Facebook fan page

9.  Find a slide show program

10.  Design and order “Thank You Cards” and “Happy Birthday” cards

That is a lot.  I better get started!  Check back tomorrow for my February Special and later in the week for the LA pictures.  Stay warm people!

Christmas 2010 – a little late

We were in Lubbock for Christmas and it was wonderful!  We got to Lubbock on Wednesday before Christmas.  The kids had a half day at school on Wednesday so it worked out perfect.  By the time they got out of school we were there and ready to start celebrating.  We spent tons of time with family, especially the kids and it was fabulous.  John and Caroline know how to keep you entertained.  James and John could not get enough of each other.  They are so cute together.

Christmas Eve we went to church to hear Caroline sing and she did a great job.  John was not very interested in the Christmas Eve service, thank goodness for James and his iPad.  James and the iPad kept John entertained during the service.  John become interested when it was time to light the candle and he did a very good job with some assistance from James.  As always the service was amazing.  It is the same every year and every year I cry.  After church we went to Aunt Anita’s for dinner and presents.  The food was yummy and the kids had a great time opening presents.  I forgot my camera that night.  I didn’t worry about it too much because I knew Ann would take about 200 pictures that night.  Sure enough she did so you can visit her blog to see the pictures if you want.

Christmas day was the best.  We went over to Ann’s to see the kids get their gifts from Santa and open a few presents.  Those kids made out.  I seriously doubt they have played with everything they got.  I also forgot my camera Christmas morning, but Ann took plenty of pictures.  After Ann’s everyone came back to my parents house.  We opened more presents and ate breakfast.  We were all very blessed!  There was something missing from Christmas.  It wasn’t the same with Grandma not there.  We all went to visit her on Christmas and I so badly wanted to take her home and her become the Grandma from years ago.  Christmas will never be the same without her there.

Overall we had a wonderful Christmas.  There is nothing better then celebrating the birth of the Lord with family.

Happy Birthday Doneece

Today is my little sister Doneeece’s birthday.  She is 24 today.  My how time flies when you are having fun.

I was in Kindergarten when Doneece was born.  Grandma picked me up from school that day and told me Mom and Dad were at the hospital.  I was so excited!  I went to dance that afternoon and then Grandma cooked dinner for everyone.  After dinner the whole family went to the hospital.  I remember Dad coming out and telling us it was a girl.  I was so excited to have a baby sister until I figured out what that meant.  She was always crying!  I got tired of her pretty quick.  The day we took Doneece home from the hospital I asked my parents if we could take her back to the hospital.

Now I think she is the greatest thing since sliced bread!  She is the best sister ever and I love her dearly!

I love a birthday list, so here ya go.  24 things I love about my little sister.

1.  She cracks me up.

2.  She sends me pictures of her outfits to approve.

3.  She loves to sing at the top of her lungs in the car with me.

4.  She will drive me around because I hate driving.

5.  Even though she hates basketball she will go to games to make me happy.  I give her a hard time and tell her she is adopted.  Everyone in our family loves going to basketball games.

6.  We wear the same size shoe so there is lots of trading.

7.  She comes and visits me whenever she is off of work.

8.  She still needs me to do her hair for dance recital.

9.  She helps me decorate my house for Christmas then helps me take down all the decorations.

10.  She forces me to go to Zumba with her when I am in Lubbock.

11.  She loves and treats James just like her brother.

12.  She is always there to listen to my problems or gripes.

13.  She loves God!

14.  She is the best dancer ever.

15.  She is always cold and I am always hot.  It is always an argument, but always entertaining.

16.  She is very smart.

17.  She does my makeup for me when I am in Lubbock.

18.  She is very caring.

19.  She buys me Tech t-shirts because she knows I like them.

20.  We talk everyday, sometimes multiple times.

21.  She is obsessed with movies and owns a ton.  She is always willing to let you borrow a few.

22.  She runs errands for me in Lubbock then mails me what I need.

23.  She is beautiful.

24.  She is my best friend.

Happy Birthday Doneece!  I hope you have a fabulous 24th birthday!