Dance Recital

I know I have not been the best blogger this summer.  Now summer is over so it’s time to get busy.  I spent most of the summer hanging out with our Young Life kids, trying to soak up every minute before they left for college.  Now they have all left for college and I miss them terribly!  

At the beginning of the summer I went to Lubbock for Doneece and Caroline’s dance recital.  We figured out that my mom has been doing dance recital for 27 years!  She is the best dance recital mom around!  This year was just as much fun as always and crazy busy.  Doneece and I were either at the recital or sleeping.  Both Doneece and Caroline did fabulous.  They are both such wonderful dancers and my favorite girls.  I can’t wait for dance recital next year!

Happy Anniversary James!!!

Wow!  Ten years ago today I married the man of my dreams!  I can’t believe it has been ten years, but these have been the best ten years of my life!

James, I loved you so much the day I married you, but had no idea how my love would grow for you.  The past ten years have been amazing!  Things haven’t always been easy, but we learned so much from the difficult times.  You are an amazing man and I am so blessed to have you as my husband.  I can’t wait to see what the next ten years have in store for us.

A list of TEN from the past TEN years!

1.  I still remember the first day I saw you at the Law School.  You were so cute and you immediately caught my eye.  It only took me a little while to get you to notice me.

2.  I love that our favorite anniversary was our fourth when we went to  San Antonio for the NBA Finals game 7.  I told you that day it would be hard to top that anniversary.  We are still trying and I look forward to trying for many more years.

3.  I love that we travel for sporting events.  Attending baseball games with you is one of my favorite things!  So far my favorite is Fenway and the Red Sox.

4.  I love holding your hand!  I still get butterflies in my stomach when you reach for my hand!

5.  You are my best friend!  You know everything about me and you still love me.

6.  Some of my favorite times together are Saturdays on the couch.  I love spending the day in our pajamas on the couch just hanging out together.  I love when we get into deep conversations and forget about everything else that is going on.

7.  I love that every morning before you leave you kiss me on the forehead and tell me I am precious and you love me.

8.  You make me laugh.

9.  I love you cause you make me feel like the most lucky person on this earth.

10.  I love long car rides with you where we just talk for hours.

Now for the fun stuff, pictures from the past ten years!


Love you Jaime!  Happy Anniversary!

He is Risen!

We had a joyous Easter in Lubbock with my family.  It was so nice to get away for a few days.  Things had been so busy around here for both James and I.  I had been really busy with Senior sessions and James had been traveling a bunch and coaching basketball.  A few days away with family is just what we needed.  Neither of us did any work while we were there or coached or watched a basketball game.


On the flight to Lubbock we basically chased the setting sun the entire flight.  It was beautiful.  This pictures does not do it justice, but it was the perfect way to start the vacation.


Most of the next photos are from my iPhone so you will have to ignore the poor quality.  I was determined not to take any photography equipment with me on the trip.  Friday after a very yummy lunch at Cane’s chicken (I might have a small obsession with Cane’s) we took the kids bowling.  James, Caroline, John and I bowled while Doneece cheered us on.


John was so happy to have his best friend back.  John followed James around the entire time.  James would go to bowl and John would stand right beside him.


Two of my favorite girls.  They are both so sweet!


This is not the best picture ever, but John and I were taking a picture of ourselves.


Caroline is a pro bowler these days.  She flings the bowling ball as hard as she can down the lane.  I was impressed with her skills.  She is also very competitive.  Every frame she would ask who was winning.  She HATES to lose.


John on the other hand needed a little help.  The first time he went the ball almost didn’t make it to the pins.  From then on James would help him out.  He loved every minute of it.


Bowling was a huge success!  Maybe I am only saying that because I WON!  I am very proud to say that I BEAT James in bowling.  That is the first and probably the last time that will ever happen.  Don’t worry, I will remind him often that I WON!  Can you tell I am excited about my win?

After bowling we all needed some ice creme.  Of course John made a mess and had chocolate all over him by the time he was done.  James kept telling him he was putting him in the washer when we got home.  John didn’t believe him, but James proved he would.  He did and then John thought it was so funny.


He did look pretty cute in the washer!

We enjoyed a wonderful Easter service at church.  The choir and the orchestra did an outstanding job and the sermon was also wonderful.  The sermon was about Hope and it was perfect!  After church we headed to lunch with the family.  Ann was nice enough to share her pictures with me so these are much better quality.  Of course John found James’ lap pretty quick.


These two are seriously best friends!  John has a thing for putting his hands on James’ face or neck for pictures.  Who knows what that is about, but it makes for some really cute pictures.  I LOVE this picture of my boys!



I would just like to say that I am really not that short.  All of us had on heels for Easter service.  I changed into flats for lunch while Doneece and Ann kept the heels on.  I am not really that much shorter.


This may be my new favorite picture of us.  Thanks Ann!


Sweet family!  Love them so much.  I really wish we got to see our family more.  James and I both really treasure that we come from very close and loving families.

After lunch we stopped to see Grandma.  Her face lit up when she saw Doneece and I walk thru the door.  She recognizes us, but never calls us by name.  At least she still knows my face!  We had the best visit ever with her.  She talked and talked and talked.  Some of it we could understand and other parts not so much.  She even said a few things that were so her.  She always had little phrases she used and today she used some of them.  At one point she called James by name which was so sweet to hear.  We just sat on the couch talking, laughing and holding hands.  It truely was a gift from GOD!  I miss Grandma so much I can’t even begin to express it.  Today it was so nice to see just a little glimmer of the woman she use to be.  I will cherish this picture and day for a very long time.


Hope you had a very blessed Easter!

Hello April!

So evidently March is over and April has arrived.  I have no idea where March went and when April got here.  So far this month is a blur.

I have been on the road with James this week.  We started the week in Wilmington, North Caroline and ended the week in Houston.  The week has gone by so fast and I am just ready to be home and sleep in my own bed.

We are well into the month of April and I still haven’t posted my April goals.  I did a pretty good job with my March goals and didn’t procrastinate and wait till the end of the month to get things accomplished.

March Goals:

1.  Workout regularly

2.  Shed a few pounds

3.  Eat healthier

4.  Add new galleries to my website Make sure you look at the new galleries!

5.  Spend time with my daily devotional and continue going to Bible study I made it to Bible Study every week in March

6.  Take off time during Spring Break to hang out with Doneece Fun Times!

7.  Create a high school senior website

8.  Design a senior album Love the new album and so do the clients.

9.  Order photo boxes The boxes will be here Monday and I can’t wait to see them

10.  Blog our LA trip So ready to go back to LA

April Goals

1.  Workout regularly (I am really serious about this for April!)

2.  Shed a few pounds

3.  Eat healthier

4.  Spend time with my daily devotional and continue going to Bible Study

5.  Update website

6.  Update client information sheet

7.  Create client questionnaire

8.  Enjoy final Senior sessions of the year

9.  Spread the word about the Robin Perrin Photography Facebook page

April is one of my busiest months and my favorite months.  I have lots of High School Senior sessions book this month and I am looking forward to them all.  I am going to get the word about my new Facebook page now.  Go “like” the Robin Perrin Photography page on Facebook and leave a comment and you will be entered into the drawing.  The drawing will be for 2 gift cards to Starbucks and 2 gift cards to iTunes plus Robin Perrin Photography t-shirts.  Hurry up, I will draw the winners on Tuesday  evening.  Good Luck!




L.A. Baby!

I LOVE L.A.!  We went out to L.A. at the end of January for James’ work.  I have only been to San Francisco and I loved it, but for some reason I was unsure of L.A.  I quickly realized my love for LA!  The weather was perfect and the traffic wasn’t that bad.  We stayed at a beautiful resort outside of L.A.  This was the view from our room.

The hotel had a really yummy restaurant that had an outdoor patio.  The patio area was beautiful with a fire pit and heaters.  We sat outside two nights for dinner.  The weather was perfect as long as the heater wasn’t too far away.  The food was just as good.  We had the same thing two nights in a row.

Everyday we were in L.A. the sky was this blue!

This is my new favorite picture of James and I.  We always take a self portrait on trips and this is our L.A. self portrait.  So cute!

Of course it was smoggy while we were there.  We drove up to Mulholland Drive to see the Hollywood sign and the views of the city.  It was very fun and the view of the city was really nice.  Wish it would have been a little clearer, but I guess that doesn’t happen there very much.

Next we headed to Hollywood Boulevard to see the sights.  The Kodak Theater was so pretty and amazing to think of all the people that have attended the Academy Awards there.

Those stairs look scary to me.  Can’t imagine having to climb those stairs in a beautiful ball gown and NOT trip!  Oh the nightmares!

Of course there were some very interesting people on Hollywood Boulevard.  You could spot any and every character on the street, but no pictures with them unless you were willing to pay.  I was not willing to fork over good money to have my picture made with some random person in a costume.

Of course the stars were really cool.  We loved looking at all the different names of people.

You might remember this hotel from a certain movie called “Pretty Woman.”  We ate lunch at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.  The hotel was gorgeous, but I don’t think they shot any of the lobby scenes in the hotel.  I could be wrong, but I don’t remember the hotel lobby looking like this in the movie.  There were beautiful yellow flowers in the lobby that were to die for.

Our last stop was Malibu.  While in Malibu we visited Pepperdine University.  Can you say breath taking?  The campus has to be the nicest campus in the country.  Can you imagine going to school everyday and having this view?  The view of the beach was great and everything was so green!  I think I could live there!

The L.A. trip was so much fun and I am ready to go back.  I love it there!