Boston Day Three

We had great plans for day three of Boston.  We were going to get up early and spend the day touring the city.  We had lots of stops to make and didn’t want to miss anything.

That is not exactly how it happened.  We did not get up early.  We got in so late from Cape Cod that we ended up sleeping till after 10:00.  We decided it was vacation and we deserved to sleep late if we wanted.  We finally got up and around and headed out the door.

Our first stop was Harvard.  It was a must see in our tour guide book.  We drove around forever looking for Harvard.  We weren’t even smart enough to find Harvard.  The navigation system in the car was no help either.  We finally located Harvard.  We spent some time walking around the campus.  It was interesting to try and figure who was a student at Harvard or just walking around like us.

Harvard is named after John Harvard.  This is a statue of him.  The tour book mentioned there is no known picture of John Harvard so the statue is based off some random person.  Just a little FYI for ya.

The commons area of the university was beautiful.  We people watched and enjoyed it.  I love all these bright colored chairs and the scenery.

After we left Harvard we decided to head over the The New Garden.  James and I both wanted to see where the Celtics play.  It was nothing special at all.  Just a plain commercial building with a Celtics banner across the front.  That was a waste of our time.  After our drive by we had a little birthday preparation to take care of.

I told James I wanted cupcakes for my birthday.  I wanted to be able to have multiple flavors of cake for my birthday.  We found a bakery and placed the order.  We also might have sampled a few cupcakes to make sure that they were absolutely delicious.

We were going to have a late lunch after the cupcakes, but that didn’t work out.  James and I both wanted to visit the Kennedy Presidential Library.  For some reason I felt compelled to check the hours on the way to lunch (lunch for us, but late enough that it was dinner for others) and found we only had two hours before the Library closed.

We high tailed it to the Library as much as we could.  It took us 30 minutes to get there because of traffic.  Once we arrived we only had an hour and a half to look at everything.  We were on the fast track, but we made it.

This is the script JFK read from at his inauguration.  I love this part!

This is a purse that the King of Morocco gave to Jackie Kennedy.  So pretty!  I feel in love with it when I saw it.  Wonder if the Library would let me borrow it for an evening.

If not the purse, maybe this necklace.  I love red rubies!

This is a piece of the Berlin Wall that was donated to the Library.  This may have been my favorite part.  I remember the day the wall came down.  Ann made me watch the coverage on CNN and told me how important it was.  I think I might have rolled my eyes at her and asked if we could please just watch “The Brady Bunch.”  The piece of the wall was donated because JFK was instrumental in the beginning of the peace process.

The grounds of the library were beautiful.  You could see the water and downtown Boston.

James and I both really enjoyed the Library.  It was interesting to see the differences between it and the Clinton Library.  The Clinton Library had so much more stuff.  I guess because Clinton served two terms and he is a modern day president.

For dinner we went to Kingfish Hall, which is a Todd English restaurant.  Ann recommended this restaurant and it was delicious.  We both really enjoyed our meal and ate way too much.  It was the perfect final meal as a 29 year-old.


  1. It looks like so much fun!! I am loving the tour of Boston!

  2. Katherine Lewis says

    Love all your pics of Boston. Sure makes me want to visit there. It looks like you guys had a great time. What a fantastic birthday present! 🙂