Barter Family – Corpus Christi Portrait Photographer

This is Markus, Alexa, Bella and Ava.  I have been so excited about this shoot.  I knew the outfits and hair would be perfect.  Our course I was not disappointed.  The outfits were even better than I imagined.  The girls loved the tutu’s and so did I.  I just love the way the pictures turned out with the tutu’s.  I am hoping I get a tutu for Christmas.  Surely I will look just as cute as Bella and Ava do.  Ava broke her arm a few weeks ago playing on the monkey bars.  So happy Alexa decided to go ahead with the pictures.  The cast adds a little more flare to the pictures.


  1. Very cute!! And I’m sure Alexa will be happy to have a picture of the cast someday so she can look back and remember when.

  2. agree with you…i’d love to get a tutu (and look so cute in it!)