Where Do I Even Start?

February has come and gone and I have been sick.  Nothing but sick!  We came home from California to some very cold weather.  Home also welcomed the flu.  The flu took me down as soon as we got home from sunny California.  I knew I had the flu when I was so cold that it required five blankets to warm me up.  Never in my life!  The flu kept me confined to the house for five days.  During those five days it was really cold here, not up North cold, but Texas cold.  It was so cold that we actually had snow.  I loved seeing the snow cover our house and yard and I enjoyed James being home to take care of me.  On the fifth day of the flu I was still not feeling great, but the house was driving me crazy.  My wonderful husband took me to Whataburger and a movie on a random Tuesday night to get me out of the house.  I love random date nights with my husband.  We saw “No Strings Attached,” and it was fabulous.  I t was my second time seeing it and it was just as great the second time.

By the end of the week I was finally feeling better.  It only took about ten days.  The next week I started getting back in the swing of things like working out and actual work and Young Life.  By the middle of the week I had completely worn myself out.  It took me two days to get rested up again.  We ended the week with a wonderful weekend with lots of relaxation.  We spent all of Saturday at home watching basketball and Sunday we took a drive through the Hill Country.  Last Monday rolled around and it brought a sore throat.  I tried to ignore it and my sinus’, but it was not going away.  Of course I ended up at the doctor and was diagnosed with a sinus infection.

It is now March and I am finally starting to feel better.  I was so ready for February and all the illness to hit the road.  When March was quickly approaching I started remembering my February goals and thinking I hadn’t accomplished a thing.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I may have been sick the entire month, but I got a lot of things done.

February Goals:

1.  Workout regularly

2.  Shed a few pounds  (I lost a few pounds by just eating better and cutting some carbs)

3.  Eat healthier (I am eating better, but I am not going to mark it off my list because I need to continue eating better)

4.  Add new galleries to my website

5.  Spend time with my daily devotional and get back to Bible study (I made it back to Bible study last week)

6.  Find a few more high school kids for senior reps (Done and I love them)

7.  Create a high school senior website

8.  Set up a Facebook fan page (I now have a Fan Page, make sure you are a Fan of Robin Perrin Photography)

9.  Find a slide show program (I found one and I love it!)

10.  Design and order “Thank You Cards” and “Happy Birthday” cards (Done)

So I think I did pretty darn good for being sick!  Now for my March goals

March Goals:

1.  Workout regularly

2.  Shed a few pounds

3.  Eat healthier

4.  Add new galleries to my website

5.  Spend time with my daily devotional and continue going to Bible study

6.  Take off time during Spring Break to hang out with Doneece

7.  Create a high school senior website

8.  Design a senior album

9.  Order photo boxes

10.  Blog our LA trip


  1. courtney e. says

    i’ve missed your blog (although i’ve been bad lately, too)!! i’m glad you’re feeling better–good luck with your march goals!

    btw, loved the last session you posted! great photos and beautiful girl!

  2. Boo to sickness and Yay to accomplished goals! Hope you get all the way back to 100% soon. Love the pics you posted yesterday – my fav is the one with the truck!

  3. Yuck! Being sick is so not fun! Glad you are on the mend!