Welcome to the new website and blog.  So excited that you stopped by.  Please take a few minutes and look around.  Everything is right here, so no more going between multiple pages.  I hope you love it as much as I do!  Leave me a comment because they make me feel loved.


  1. I love it!! You did a fabulous job with everything- I’m so very impressed with your skills. I will leave lots of comments because I want you to feel very loved- because you are!

  2. Love it! So cute! I love how you incorporated “your Robin” into the header! Perfect! I hope this will fit in my google reader so I can keep up ad comment!! How else will I stay up to date on all of your Aggies to be!

  3. Robin, this is amazing, as are you. You do such great work.
    Patti….and I love the blue, and your eyes!!! Awesome!

  4. Patsy Pannell says

    You are so talented and to think I “knew you when”.
    It is great to be able to keep up with all your family
    and to see what all you are doing. Love, Patsy

  5. I LOVE it!!! Looks wonderful!!