The New Robin Perrin Photography Studio

I am so excited about the new studio!  I am in love with the way everything turned out and can’t wait to start meeting with clients in the new studio.

The room looks totally different!  When we first moved in the room was basically a man cave.  There was a nice comfy couch with a TV so James could play PS3.  We also had a ping pong table, treadmill and weights.  The walls were covered with James’ sports memorabilia.  I promise I did not kick James out of the room.  It was his idea to change the room into a studio.  It actually took him a few months to convince me because I felt so guilty!  Finally, I caved and the room is now a studio.  These are just a few pictures of the room before.  I didn’t have many pictures because I never went into the man cave.


I wanted the studio to be fun!  We had a great time putting it together and had lots of help from the college girls.  Putting the room together was also a lot of hard work!  There was a lot of purchasing then returning and purchasing again and sometimes returning again until it was perfect.  The first thing we decided on was the wall color and I love the color we chose.  I wanted something bright and fun, and not too dark.  It ended up just right!  After a little pushing from the wonderful, Lisa Hanson (painter extraordinaire), we also decided to paint the ceiling and I am so happy we did.  We went a shade lighter and it was the right decision!  We bought most of the furnishings from Ikea and  Pier 1.  I love both of those stores and could live at either place!  James actually helped me put together most of the furniture from Ikea and he did a really good job.  He even made two trips to Ikea which is almost as amazing as him putting furniture together.  I also found a few things at antique stores.  I found the super cute coffee tables from an antique store and then painted them to match everything else in the studio.


My friend, Kalub, had the idea to add a candy bar to the studio.  I love it, except every time I am in the room I think I need a piece of candy.  Oh well!  I am so happy with all the canvas’ in the room.  I just love being able to see pictures of my sweet clients all over the room.  There are so many little things in the studio that make it so cute.  I really like the way the RPP turned out and it looks great hanging over the door.  The studio is exactly what I had pictured in my head and so many people helped make it a reality.  Thanks to those of you who helped with it.  For those of you that have not seen the new studio, I can’t wait to hear what you think about it.