Stringfellow Family – San Antonio Family Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing the Stringfellow family last weekend as they celebrated Birdie’s 60th birthday.  They had dinner at Club Giraud here in San Antonio.  Club Giraud is right on the San Antonio River and has a gorgeous outdoor area.  Birdie had both her kids there and all eight of her grandchildren to help her celebrate.  We did a few pictures before dinner outside in the HEAT!  This family was so brave.  Everyone was dressed up and the guys all had suits on.  We tried to be really fast when we were outside taking pictures.  It was only 103 degrees outside with 95% humidity.

After the outdoor pictures we moved inside to the air conditioning and they began dinner.  I stuck around for a little bit to capture the family visiting and eating.  The entire family was great and just a joy to be around.  Thank  you so much Sara for having me out to photograph your super sweet family!  I loved getting to meet everyone!  Enjoy!