Robin Perrin Photography T-Shirt Giveaway!

Yeah!!!  My t-shirts are in and I love them.  I had them printed on American Apparel shirts and they are so comfy.  My fabulous designer Josh Pratt designed both shirts and did a amazing job.  I just tell him a very basic idea and he goes to work.  I don’t give much direction and it is like he can read my mind.  The wonderful Marcie Coulombe printed the shirts for me.

If you want to purchase a shirt they are $20 and you can order HERE.  I promise it will be the most comfortable shirt you have ever worn.

Time for another GIVEAWAY!  Anyone who leaves a comment on the blog and adds me as their facebook friend (if we aren’t already friends) from now until 10pm Monday night will have their name put in and we will draw for a winner!  Don’t act like your too cool to leave a comment for a free T-Shirt!!!!


  1. Those shirts are adorable!!!! I’d love one…so pick me, pick me!!

  2. Kelli McCammond says

    Love the new shirt! So cute!!!

  3. My gosh it is super cute! I am totally up for a Free Robin Perrin t-shirt. Do you have a fan page on facebook? I’d be your fan, since I’m already your friend.

  4. You are my friend on Facebook. And real life too. And I already have a t-shirt. I LOVE it. So comfortable and I always get a lot of compliments when I wear it. So cute! Don’t enter me in the contest. I want someone else to get a Robin Perrin shirt too!

  5. Beth Dannenberg says

    Robin, your photos are awesome!! There is so much attention paid to every detail! Love them! Can’t wait to do our Christmas pics!!
    ps- i already have a t-shirt, so seriously…great stuff!!
    and i LOVE the t-shirt, Ive gotten several compliments on it!

  6. Katherine Lewis says

    These shirts are fabulous! I would proudly wear these t-shirts. However the first one is my favorite. You have great taste and always have fantastic photos.

  7. i think the shirts are cute, and even if i did’t win i’d want one lol
    i saw an add on facebook about senior pics and i’m actuall taking my formal one on the 13 of october but i wanted to take others elsewhere.

  8. I like your shirts, Robin!

  9. i got the shirt that i won and totally loved it
    it was funny becuse i had just gotten back from the senior drape portraits my school had paid for
    but the shirt really is nice and the bright color go well