Madison – Spring Branch Senior Photographer

Madison is a senior at Smithson Valley High School.  I have known her for a few years.  She is part of Young Life and also a cheerleader who has always sold me an advertisement for the SV Football Program.  Now she is graduating and won’t be my ad girl.  The best news is she is going to the greatest school ever!  Madison will be attending Texas Tech next year.  I am so excited because I will get to see her a lot while she is away at college.  She actually borrowed Doneece’s Tech dress for her pictures.  I think her and Doneece may become best friends and swap clothes and shoes next year.  She can be the little sister Doneece never had.

Anyways, Madison and I took her senior pictures earlier in the week.  Madison has been telling me for months she wanted pictures with a carousel.  I racked my brain and finally thought of one we could use.  She also decided on our way to take pictures she wanted to use balloons.  All of her ideas turned out perfect.  I am in love with the pictures and all the bright colors.  We also had tons of fun while we were taking pictures.  We laughed  a lot, but had a hard time getting her laughing in the pictures.  Thanks Madison for the fun ideas and the fun laughs.  Hope you love the pictures!


  1. Those are so good!! I love them. The ones by/on the carousel are wonderful. Next time we come visit you, I want my kids to have their pictures taken on the carousel. 🙂

  2. You are stinkin’ AAAAmazing!!!