February Has Arrived!

I can’t believe February is here.  It looks like it has brought some cold weather.  I am so excited about the cold weather.  All these people keep saying they can’t wait for Summer and I am thinking ARE YOU CRAZY?  Do people remember that Summer brings 132 degrees with 100% humidity?  I will enjoy every bit of the cold weather and I hope I get to see a few snow flurries.

January was a crazy month!  I am starting to wonder if I ever say such and such month was really low key?  My mom had surgery in Lubbock in the middle of the month.  It worked out great for me because I got to go home for a few days and see everyone and take care of her.  The surgery went well and she has recovered very well.  She even minded pretty well which is short of a miracle considering she is apart of our family.

We have spent the last week of January traveling.  James had work in California so I of course tagged along.  Our first stop was Los Angeles then San Francisco.  We have never been to Los Angeles and had a fabulous time.  I could easily move to Los Angeles.  San Francisco was next and it was wonderful.  We visited San Francisco when we first got married and love it there.  I will have plenty of pictures to blog later in the week of our trip.

It is the first of February so it is time for my monthly goals.  My January goals are below.  I didn’t get that many things marked off my list, but I am working hard to accomplish my goals.  The trip to Lubbock and California put me a little behind, but it was totally worth it.

January Goals

1.  Get back in shape (I walked a million miles in San Francisco and was sore, not sure if that counts.)

2.  Shed a few pounds (I shed A pound, it’s a work in progress people!)

3.  Eat healthier (I was doing good then Lubbock and California happened.  I have decided fresh cooked spinach is my FAVORITE)

4.  Finish my year end bookkeeping (Barley made this goal.  I finished yesterday!)

5.  Get my email organized (Mobile Me is my favorite)

6.  Add new galleries to my website

7.  Spend time with my daily devotional (I have been reading my Bible study book, but haven’t made it to Bible study in THREE weeks.  I am so ready to be back to Bible study!!!)

8.  Find a few high school kids for senior reps (I found a few, but need a few more.)

February Goals

1.  Workout regularly

2.  Shed a few pounds

3.  Eat healthier

4.  Add new galleries to my website

5.  Spend time with my daily devotional and get back to Bible study

6.  Find a few more high school kids for senior reps

7.  Create a high school senior website

8.  Set up a Facebook fan page

9.  Find a slide show program

10.  Design and order “Thank You Cards” and “Happy Birthday” cards

That is a lot.  I better get started!  Check back tomorrow for my February Special and later in the week for the LA pictures.  Stay warm people!


  1. I’m with you…HATE the horrible summer heat and love the winter too. Jealous of your trip out west!

  2. I’ll be first in line to “like” your facebook fan page! Can’t wait to see pics from your trip!

  3. I hate summer too. Not sure why everyone complains about the cold- always better than 132 degrees.

    On your February goals- on that list I didn’t see “Meet/Go to Lubbock for a fun visit with Ann and the kids.” Surely that was just an omission- right?

  4. I just really liked your idea of monthly goals and wanted to use that same concept. I just wanted to give you credit on my blog. 🙂