John and Caroline – Lubbock Children’s Photographer

These are quite possibly the cutest kids ever.  I may be just a little bit biased.  I love these two clowns to pieces, but taking their pictures is not easy.  They are never really interested and think after two pictures we have enough.  It is all worth it in the end because I am smiling from ear to ear when I see the finished product.  Hope you love the pictures Ann (how could you not?)

The O’Rear Girls

I have known Alyssa for many years.  Her and Ann have been best friends forever.  I can remember riding around Lubbock with them when I was in elementary and they were in high school.  It was so cool.  It worked out that Alyssa and her family were going to be in Lubbock the same time that James and I were.  Alyssa had her third daughter a few weeks ago.  I had a fabulous time with the O’Rear girls.  I was shocked at how big Lauren and Camryn have gotten.  They were both so sweet.  Lauren and Camryn are so good with their little sister.  Addison is precious!  She was the perfect model and slept the entire photo shoot.  Of course Ann and Doneece volunteered to be my assistants during the photo shoot.  They were ready to hold and comfort Addison when she started to wake up.  They did a great job at keeping her asleep.  It was wonderful spending some time with the O’Rear family.

Barter Family – Corpus Christi Portrait Photographer

This is Markus, Alexa, Bella and Ava.  I have been so excited about this shoot.  I knew the outfits and hair would be perfect.  Our course I was not disappointed.  The outfits were even better than I imagined.  The girls loved the tutu’s and so did I.  I just love the way the pictures turned out with the tutu’s.  I am hoping I get a tutu for Christmas.  Surely I will look just as cute as Bella and Ava do.  Ava broke her arm a few weeks ago playing on the monkey bars.  So happy Alexa decided to go ahead with the pictures.  The cast adds a little more flare to the pictures.

Fogel Family – San Antonio Portrait Photographer

I love this family!  You may remember Abby and her family from a few weeks ago.  We went to high school together.  Over the Thanksgiving holiday her entire family was in town.  Of course that calls for a photo session.  It was so nice to spend a beautiful afternoon with them.  Enjoy the pictures!

Kadilis Family – Spring Branch Family Photographer

Meet the Kadilis Family.  Lynn won the free session a couple of months ago.  She decided she wanted to use her free session for the holidays.  I am so glad she did.  I love the outfits the family chose.  I think purple is my new favorite color.  It looks so good in pictures.  I also love the locations we went to.  We went to historic Gruene and it was such a beautiful day.  After the session we ate dinner at Cantina Del Rio.  It is new and it is delicious.  Try it out if you are ever in Gruene.