Boston Day Two

Our second day of vacation was spent on Cape Cod.  It is about two hours outside of Boston and a really pretty drive.  We went to Provincetown to whale watch.  We got there around lunch town and quickly bought our tickets for the 1:30 tour.  They told us the seas were a little rough that day so we quickly found some medicine.  We took our dramamine so it could kick in for the boat ride.

We walked around the little town.  Everyone was really nice.  We started talking to a local and he suggested we go on the last whale watching tour of the day.  He said the whales were usually feeding at that time and you got a free sunset cruise as well.  We told him we had already purchased our tickets.  We walked around a little more then headed to the pier to get on the boat.  The line to get on the boat was extrememly long.  James and I started talking and decided we should see about changing our tickets.  We ended up changing our tickets to the last tour of the day and it was no problem at all.

Since we changed our tour, we had plenty of time for lunch.  We found a wonderful little restaurant for lunch.  I had lobster macaronni and cheese.  It was delightful!  After our lovely lunch we walked around a little more and got in line for the boat early.  We were some of the first on the boat so we had wonderful seats on the top deck.  Before long we were headed out.  They said the sees weren’t near as bad as they were earlier in the day.  I was still worried I would get sick.

Before long we were an hour off the coast of Cape Cod and looking for whales.  It didn’t take long before we spotted some.  The whale watching was AMAZING!!!  We probably saw between 20 and 25 whales.  The ride out there was not bad at all, but once the boat stopped so we could watch the whales things were rocking.  Of course James was fine and it took me about 15 minutes to catch my sea legs.  After that I was fine and had no problems.

This whale was feeding.  The whale would go under the water and collect water in its mouth.  It would then come up to the surface and let the water drain out while the food stayed in.  We watched this whale feed for about 30 minutes.  It was so cool.

This whale was in a very playful mood.  We watched it splash its tail and fins for about 20 minutes.  It was so fun to watch and really amazing to see how big they really are.  There is more of this whale playing in the video.

Day two of the trip was great.  I am so happy we switched our whale watching tour.  We got to see so many whales and it was so fun.  We didn’t get to see the sunset because it was really cloudy, but it was still totally worth the change.

Below is the video from the whale watching.  I will tell you now I am not the greatest videographer.  I was still trying to catch my sea legs at the beginning of the video.  You will also get a whale lesson from our tour guide.  Enjoy!

Whale Watching from robin perrin on Vimeo.


  1. So jealous! I have always wanted to whale watch! I think this may be my favorite day of your trip!